25 Jul 11:12am
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Friend fought off croc with his bare hands

25 Jul 10:42am
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Out the jersey and tearing no matter the conditions.

Photo of the Day
22 Jul 12:17pm G-Land
norys sick shot

norys sick shot's photo of G-Land got picked for photo of the day.

by norys sick shot
Photo of the day

by norys sick shot

22 Jul 03:15pm
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Your chance to play a key role in building critical features of our surf forecasting application that reaches hundreds of thousands of surfers around the world.

22 Jul 02:22pm
Jeremy Flores Flowing Through France
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Green lines last winter.

22 Jul 01:11pm
Feature Feature 17

Andre and Marck Botha explore South Africa's pristine Western Cape.

Accommodation near Laguna Beach (Brooks Street)
25 Jul 12:10pm