27 Apr 02:21pm
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The sun shines on...

The sun shines on Mavericks

Mavericks going big on a spring day in April

27 Apr 01:28pm
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Teale Vanner Will...

Teale Vanner Will Make You Want To Go Surfing

Discover the perfection of South Australia with slabs galore.

27 Apr 12:44pm
Uncommon Ideals - Stories from the North Sea
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Uncommon Ideals -...

Uncommon Ideals - Stories from the North Sea

A tale of the North Sea and those who dare to venture there

27 Apr 12:24pm
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How to Annoy a...

How to Annoy a Great White: The Expert Guide

Trying to fit a camera to the dorsal fin of a Great White in a tiny boat... What could possibly go wrong?

27 Apr 10:20am
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Shark Attack Leaves Surfer Fighting...

Shark Attack Leaves Surfer Fighting For his Life in South Australia

26-year-old Chris Bowes was attacked by a 6m Great White over the weekend.